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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Data Recovery Kenya - Clean Rooms

This is a room where scientific research is carried out and has low levels of pollution such as dust, microbes and other forms of vapor. It usually has controlled level of contamination. One of the main aims of a clean room is to create an almost clean atmosphere within it where repairs on certain machines and mechanical devices are done.

Such rooms are very important as they are used for handling and repairing manufactured objects like semi-conductor, hard disk drives, sterile medical devices, delicate electronic devices like silicon chips and also optics. All these objects are sensitive to microscopic contamination e.g. an indivisible spec of dust on a hard disk drive can cause all the information within it to be lost permanently. The platters of the hard disk are very sensitive and delicate. This is why when one is not able to recover data from their disk, they are advised to contact a data recovery company that has a clean-room in their lab where the hard disk can be opened and the data retrieved. Opening up the hard disk individually will cost you more.

The sizes of the clean-rooms vary from as big as of a football field to as small as a bedroom wardrobe. It all depends on the amount of activity that goes on in the room.
One of the biggest contaminants of the clean-rooms are the people who work in their. In well established clean-rooms, there is special clothing that has to be worn to prevent contamination. Clean rooms used for data recovery could take a room that is 2x3 metres.

Clean rooms have different classifications and this is done along the lines of the level of air cleanliness they are able to achieve. A common term in the technological age is “clean-room recovery” which refers to repair of data storage devices that cannot be recovered by data recovery software. It is a term that is mostly involved with hard disk recovery, data recovery and data forensics.

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