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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How to Save Data from Crashed Laptop

There are various ways people have recommended on how data can be saved from crashed laptops. One way that is commonly talked about is using data recovery software. This is software where you download or purchase and install it to recover your data. What many people fail to understand is that you must know the root cause of hard drive failure. Working with a failing hard disk can cause you to lose your data permanently. This means that doing your own data recovery is very risky. This software can only be used if you have lost a few small files but not your very important files. Thus, the only way for you to save data from a crashed laptop is by using data recovery services. This is safer and more accurate than the earlier methods.

Currently, laptop crashes have been on the increase. What you can do if this happens to you (or if it has already happened) you can get in touch with a data recovery expert or company. They will request ask you for your laptop hard drive. Once in their possession they will carry out an extensive diagnosis on the hard drive to identify the problem. The hard drive may experience 2 kinds of problems: physical and logical. Physical problems are situation where the hard drive is damaged physically e.g. if you drop your laptop and the hard drive gets damaged. Logical problems involve how data has been corrupted within the hard drive. This is mostly caused by power problems and viruses.

After identifying the problem, a report is given on the same detailing various problems and possible solutions. After this, the actual recovery will proceed. Your hard drive will be taken to the recovery labs where it will be analyzed well. If there is any physical damage, the necessary reconstruction will be done using the latest technology and tools. Recovery will then commence using up-to-date data recovery software.

Finally your data will be recovered and you can have it in whatever storage medium you may prefer.

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