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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dropped Laptop and System Fails: How?

Laptop technology is one of things that computer users have acknowledged. Laptops are portable computers and it’s due to their portability that their hard drive fails. Research has shown that 25% of data loss is from mobile hard drives.

Laptops are often fell down and in most cases once a laptop falls down, its hard drive is likely to fail. When a laptop falls down, what happens is that the internal components such as the hard drive are likely to be physically destroyed. Hard drives are well known as data storage devices. One thing laptop users should understand about their laptops is that hard drives also hold the operating system of the computer. Once a laptop hard drive fails, it simply means that there will be no more operating system for your laptop and this explains why the user may receive funny errors like no operating system found or no boot device found.

Physical damage of a computer hard drive is quite technical to retrieve data from such a failed hard drive. There are two types of hard drive damage. Physical damage and logical damage. With logical damage, it is fairly easy to retrieve data from the failed drive because the sectors of the hard drive are only corrupt by system threats such as computer viruses and Trojans. Antivirus program software can be used to neutralize and clean an infected drive then data can still be recovered from it more efficiently. Notice that a logically damaged drive can easily be reused as opposed to the physically damaged drive which may have more complications and data reovery process may be quite challenging.